An unexpected neurology visit

In the early summer of 2014, I had the chance of showing Turkey, as I like it, to three of my PhD friends from Florida. I knew them all from the beginning of my Gainesville days. Smart bunch, all have doctorates now. One was my flatmate of the time, let’s name him Dillard. And I had preliminary arrangements to move in with the the other two after Dillard leaves Florida. A couple, Ben and Liz. It was the second time in Turkey for Dillard and Liz. Dillard joined me at an earlier trip. Liz lived in a southeastern city when she was a kid. They were comfortable, and they knew what to expect for the most part. On the other hand, this trip was the main reason of Ben getting his first passport. Don’t underestimate Ben though, he was the most comfortable one throughout the time in Turkey. We started at Istanbul. We have seen more than the mosques and museums one can

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