Recent Publications

  1. arXiv:1708.01957 Some Elementary Partition Inequalities and Their Implications, Alexander Berkovich, Ali Kemal Uncu. 16 pages.
  2. arXiv:1705.07504 On some polynomials and series of Bloch-Polya Type, Alexander Berkovich, Ali Kemal Uncu. 9 pages. (accepted, Proceedings of the AMS)
  3. arXiv:1608.00193 New Weighted Partition Theorems with the Emphasis on the Smallest Part of Partitions.  Alexander Berkovich, Ali Kemal Uncu.  (accepted)
  4. arXiv:1605.00291 Variation on a theme of Nathan Fine. New weighted partition identities. Alexander Berkovich, Ali Kemal Uncu. J. Num Theo. 176 (2017), 226-248.
  5. arXiv:1603.00399 Weighted Rogers-Ramanujan Partitions and Dyson Crank. Ali Kemal Uncu, (accepted, Ramanujan J.)
  6. arXiv:1510.07301 On partitions with fixed number of even-indexed and odd-indexed odd parts.  Alexander Berkovich, Ali Kemal Uncu. J. Num Theo. 167 (2016), 7-30.
  7. arXiv:1504.02922 A New Companion to Capparelli’s Identities. Alexander Berkovich, Ali Kemal Uncu. Adv. in Appl. Math. 71 (2015), 125-137.

Referee Work

Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A, Journal of Integer Sequences, Ramanujan Journal, Turkish Journal of Mathematics.