Education and Work Experience


  • 2010 – 2017        University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics, Ph. D.
    Thesis: Some Topics in q-Series and Partitions.
    Advisor: Dr. Alexander Berkovich
  • 2010 – 2012        University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics, M. S.
  • 2008 – 2010        TOBB University of Economics and Technology (TOBB ETU), Ankara, Turkey
    Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Mathematics, M. S. Summa cum laude
    Thesis: Computational aspects of Modular forms.
    Supervisor: Dr. Cetin Urtis
  • 2008                     Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
    Summerschool in Mathematical Sciences REU,
    Topics in Algebra, Analysis and Number Theory Certificate.
  • 2004 – 2008        Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
    Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, B. Sc.
    Senior Projects: Classification Problem of Indefinite Integral Lattices (2008)
    Mentor: Dr. Ali Sinan Sertoz
    Mobius Function on Posets & Its Relation with Stirling Numbers (2007)
    Mentor: Dr. Laurence Barker


Work Experience

  • Sep 2017 – …              Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, AUT
  • Aug 2010 – 2017       Teaching Assistant, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Sep 2008 – 2010       Teaching Assistant, TOBB ETU, Ankara, Turkey
  • Jul – Aug 2007          Musician, representing Turkey, Brouhaha International Street Festival, Liverpool England


Department Service and Volunteer Work


Departmental Service

  • Spring 2014 – Spring 2016     Graduate Council Representative of Graduate Mathematics Association of University of Florida
  • Fall 2015                                    Graduate Representative in the Departmental Committee meetings.
  • Fall 2014                                    Secretary of Graduate Mathematics Association of University of Florida
  • Spring 2008                              Bilkent University Annual council rep. of Mathematics Dept.
All above service positions are nomination/election based.


Volunteer work

  • Fall 2012 – Fall 2016              Graduate Student Mentor

Referee Work

  • Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
  • Advances in Applied Mathematics
  • Annals of Combinatorics
  • International Journal of Number Theory
  • Journal of Combinatorial Theory – Series A
  • Journal of Integer Sequences
  • Journal of Number Theory
  • Ramanujan Journal
  • Research in Number Theory
  • Turkish Journal of Mathematics.

Reviewer for American Mathematical Society MathSciNet.

Judge at MAA Committee on Undergraduate Students 2019.



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