Summer 2022 – The Theory of Integer Partitions

This is the main website for the Johannes Kepler University, Institute of Algebra, Special Topics course on Theory of Partitions.

If you are interested to audit the course please feel free to show up to one of our lectures.

The lectures will be held on Monday 10:15 – 11:45 at Science Park 5 room 103.

Due to my affiliation at University of Bath, I need to be in UK occasionally. We will make other appointments and meet at a different time for these dates.

We rescheduled some lectures: We will have extra lectures on April 29, May 6 and June 24 at Science Park 2 416-2 at the same time:10:15-11:45.
These lectures will replace the May 9, May 30, and June 13 lectures. On these dates, there will not be a lecture.

Office Hours:
There are no set office hours. If you have a question or need help with something, send me an email and we can make an appointment.

Homework / Grading:

I will be assigning homework that I will not collect throughout the semester. You can work on these problems in groups. You can also get hints from me.

At the end of the semester, the students can choose to take an exam for a grade. In that exam, I will be asking a random sample of these homework problems.

Lecture Notes

I am typing my own notes. If you find typos, unclear statements, wrong proofs, bad definitions, the meaning of life, etc. please let me know.

The lecture notes and homework problems are HERE

  1. March 21th lecture:
  2. March 28th lecture:
  3. April 4th lecture:
  4. April 25th lecture:
  5. April 29th lecture:
  6. May 2nd lecture:
  7. May 6th lecture:
  8. May 16 lecture:

Other resources

  • G. E. Andrews The Theory of Partitions. Encyclopedia of Mathematics, Vol 2, Addison-Wesley, 197
  • T. Apostol Introduction to Analytic Number Theory. Springer, UTM
  • G. Gasper and M. Rahman – Basic Hypergeometric Series