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15 minute academics advice /w Matthew England

Matthew England is a great collaborator. I am glad to be in the same project as him. Coventry University is also a great host. I enjoy my visits to this group a lot. After working for 3 days non-stop, we had a short time to have this chat. I am so happy that we get to talk about important questions like what motivates him to do research. I learned a lot, I think you can too.

Matthew also has great humor and such a quick wit. It is quite fun to chat with him. That is why, this time, I am not editing the early minutes of our conversation out of this video. I think you’d like it. I am so dissapointed I don’t seem like I am enjoying the jokes but I love how he “threatened me with a pen”. 😛

I was just too preoccupied, thinking how I am supposed to start the video, what to ask, and in which order, etc. These early jokes deserve much more laughter that I didn’t bring to the table… I hope you will enjoy them more than I couldn’t back then.

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