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My First Ever Popular Mathematics Article

I am overjoyed to write a small article in the Turkish popular mathematics journal Matematik Dünyası (Eng. World of Mathematics). Of course the article is about integer partitions. It is actually called Parçalanış Teorisine Davet (Eng. An invitation to Theory of Partitions). I tried to give some overview of what common questions are asked in this field of study.

I purchased some volumes of this journal when I was an undergraduate student in Bilkent and while doing my first masters. This is no Sudoku magazine. You can compare it with the American Mathematical Monthly without the refereed papers. It always includes some heavy hitting articles and an extensive problem section (just like Amer. Math. Monthly). No shame in admitting that I always found some parts of this journal hard to read. They let active researchers write notes that they see fit for a general audience. Sometimes some of those articles stay a little too technical for me. Nevertheless, this journal is one of those things that kept the spark alive in me. I liked mathematics but I remember losing motivation here and there. Reading about peoples excitement about the mathematics they love was/is a great refresher even when I didn’t understand what was going on mathematically.

I hope that my article stays on the fun side. I taught a partition theory course just recently, I hope that helped in keeping things light. If it encourages anyone to read into partitions, that would be wonderful!

I want to thank Ümit Işlak for suggesting that I write something for Matemaik Dünyası. I also would like to thank the managing editor Olcay Coşkun and the Turkish language editors that helped me with the proofreading. Who could have known that writing something in my native language would be harder? Because I didn’t ever write math in it and don’t know the terminology, because I form many upside-down sentences (like Yoda, I wrote), etc.

It was a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to get the physical journal in my hands. Once the article becomes open access I’ll also put a copy of it here. For now it is exclusive to Matematik Dünyası subscribers.

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